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What is Ju Jitsu
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What is JuJitsu ?

Jujitsu is the Japanese art of attack and defence against an armed or unarmed opponents by grasping  or striking so that the opponents's own weight and strength are used against him. 
Ju Jitsu is a practical method of self defence. which is , as can be seen from its history is one of the oldest documented forms of unarmed fighting systems in the world.
It was used as an un-armed fighting system for the Samurai warrior to enable them to continue fighting should they loose their weapons.
Today at Tottenham Jujitsu Club we follow the ancient martial art of Goshin Jitsu and keep our training traditional. Members follow the various training syllabi, which are based on working together in attacking and defending roles.
Modern Jujitsu combines both physical and mental education. Through the practice of Jujitsu , one learns skill, knowledge , and self -discipline while enjoying ones self. Thus developing a harmonious relationship between the physical and mental being , thus contributing to an individual's successful participation in society and his general education.
The Techniques
The beginner is taught basic Punching, Kicking, Blocking, Throwing,Choking methods, Locks, How to Break a Fall if Thrown, How to maintain balance when executing a technique and Kata to develop stance, power and style 
The use of various weapons is also introduced.
As the student develops they are taught street defence skills, which include defences againts knifes and other weapons.