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Club grab a haul of medals at British Championship.

On Saturday 6 April the British Jujitsu Association (GB) held the British Jujitsu Championship at the Walsall Sports Centre. This is the only British Jujitsu championships recognised by Sport England. A team of 4 students from the Tottenham Jujitsu Club took part in the competition and they came away with 4 medals.

In the senior men under 85kg event the club had 2 students fighting in this 10 man category. Black belt, Leon Jackson fought his way through to the final and came a way with the gold medal and the British title. His club mate black belt Piortr Kukulski came away as a bronze medal after several hard fought fights.

In the senior mens under 78kg event  green belt Earl Tennat  fought his way through to the final of this 18 man category and came away as silver medal winner.

In the boys 16-17 years category school boy Nicholas Cotton came away as a bronze medal winner.

5 Tottenham Jujitsu Club students Awarded Black Belts

At a recent grading held at Tottenham jujitsu Club In December 2012 the following stdents were graded to black belt by Sensei Michael Player (9th Dan BJJA)

Leon Jackson
Piotr Kukulski
James Groom
Demetrious Annsatasiou
Reginal McPawulo


On Saturday 14th April 2012 the British Jujitsu Association, (BJJA  GB) held the British championships at the University of Wolverhampton  Sports complex.

Tottenham Jujitsu Club entered a squad of 5 fighters and game way with a haul for 4 medals which included 3 gold’s and a silver medal.

In the middle weight division new comer  35 year old Earl Tennant was knock out when he loss on a narrow decision to another fighter. Earl showed good style and technique and is sure to be among the medals soon in other tournaments this year.  

However all was not lost in this category  because his team mate and training partner 27 year old Demetrious Ananstasiou, (aka Jimmy), battle through this 16 man category and eventually won the gold medal and the title British Champion.  For Jimmy this was personal triumph because Jimmy previously held the title 2 years ago, but was off the completion scene for a year and hence was unable to defend his title last year.

In the Heavy weight category 29 year old Reginald McPawulo made it business as usual when he fought his way through this 10 man category to win the gold medal and British title for the 4th consecutive year.

In the Junior category, 15 year old Nicholas Cotton of Broomfield School, Arnos Grove, entered the heavy weight 15 – 16 year old  boys category and fought through this 6 man category and came away with the gold medal and title Junior British Champion.  

In the light heavy weight category  31 year old Piortr KuKuski  fought his way through this 14 man category and eventually made it to the final where he won the Silver medal.


Tottenham Jujitsu Club fighters grab a Haul of 7 medals with 6 Fighters In A Ground Fighting Competition. 

On Saturday the 19 November 20ll 6 fighters from the Tottenham Jujitsu Club travel to the V& E Dojo in Chestnut Herts and fought in the John Williams Memorial Ground Fighting competition.


Despite being the lowest graded competitors in the competitions the Tottenham team came away with 7 medals from the 6 fighters. This haul included 6 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 2 bronze medals.


15 year old Edmonton County School boy Dominick Wooding, a white belt, was the first out to fight and he set the pattern for the Tottenham fighters.   in the 15 year old boy’s category he was drawn against a black belt. To the surprise of all those presents Dominick gained a submission from his mush higher graded opponent and won the match and after several more fight came away from the competition with a bronze medal.


Edmonton County School boy, 15 year old, Husseyn Kont, a yellow belt was also fighting in the 15 year old boy’s category. After some hard fight which saw him defeat a black belt he came away from the competition with a silver medal.   


The 15 year old boy’s category was eventually won by their team and club mate Nicholas Cotton a pupil at Broomfield School in Arnos Grove. Nick an orange belt is the most senior graded Junior in the Tottenham club and won several of his fights by gaining submission wins from his opponents.


In senior completion 29 years old Piotr Kukulski, the Tottenham team captain, won the gold medal in the brown belt middle weight category. Winning all of his 5 fights by submission wins.


In the light weight yellow to green belt category 34 year old Earl Tenant, a yellow belt won the silver medals after some hard fought fights. This was Earl’s first competition and he is expected to go on from this and win a medal in the British Jujitsu Association (GB) British Championships in 2012.


In the middle weight white to green belt category 33 year old Emeka Nwabueze, a yellow belt and the lowest graded competitor in the category, surprised everybody when after some hard fought fights he won the gold medal.


But even more of a surprise came at the end of the competition. At the end of the senior competition all of the senior gold and silver medal winners of each category were put in a grand knock out pool to decide which individual was the overall winner of the John Williams Memorial Trophy. There were 16 fighters in this category and Emeka was the lowest graded competitor. Most of the fighters were black and brown belts not withstanding this Emeka fought his way t 3rd place and came away with bronze medal to add to the goal he won in his earlier category.



Tottenham Jujitsu Club trains every Wednesday at the Tottenham Community Sports Centre, 701 High Road Tottenham. (Opposite spurs football ground), Training starts at 8.00pm. The club welcomes beginners and are especially looking for ladies as next year our lady fighters will be featured in competitions. Jujitsu is a complete system of self defense and we are seeking new members. You can decide whether you want to train in traditional self defense or sports Jujitsu. We cater for both.




On Saturday 14th May 2011 7 members from Tottenham Jujitsu Club Travelled to Southend to attend the Wakarishin & Kokoro Kai 5th International Course & Championships.

Participants came from all over the UK, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany.

At the Championship Tottenham Jujitsu Club came away with the lion share of the medals.

Leading the way for the Tottenham boys was, 29 year old 3 times British Champion, Reg Mpawulo who won gold medals in both the super heavy weight ground fighting and sparring events.

25 year old former undefeated British Champion, Leon Jackson making a return to competition won gold in the middleweight ground fighting event and silver in the sparring event after what was considered by all to be a controversial judge’s decision.

Piortr Kukuski after some hard fought fights came away with 2 bronze medals in the Heavy weight ground fighting and heavy weight sparring events.

White belt Doyin Tade in his first completion was unfortunate in getting knocked out of the competition at semi final stage by  his more experienced  club mate Leon Jackson in the middle weight sparring  and consequently went on to win a bronze medal. On his way to his bronze medal he beat several black belts and hence is one to watch for the future.

Also in the team were two Edmonton County School, school boys who have been training at Tottenham now for about 6 Months: Huseyn  Kont and Dominic Wooding. 

15 year old Huseyn Kont in his first competition came away with a bronze medal after several hard fought fights in the boys ground fighting event. This was a good start and Huseyn is one to watch in the future. 

14 year old Dominic Wooding was eliminated in round two of the boys sparring events after suffering what was considered to be the most controversial judge’s decision of the day. After completely dominating his opponent the judges gave the decision to his opponent on a split decision.  However Dominic will benefit from the experience and is one to what for the future



The club entered 3 fighters in the championship and came away with 3 medals.

Reg Mcpawulo leading the way with a sucessful defence of his super heavyweight title.

Demetrious Anastasiou who for the past 2 year loss to his club mate in the final, this year became British Champion.

Piotr Kukulski was a finalist and came away with a silver medal.



Tottenham Jujitsu club enjoyed a weekend of tremendous success when they enter 4 fighters into the British Jujitsu Association, National Governing Body’s National Championships and came away with 4 medals.


The competition was held on Sunday 31 May 2009 at the Wolverhampton University, Walsall Sports Centre.


24 year old Leon Jackson led the way when he retained his British Middle weight Title winning the gold medal in the middle weight category after some hard fought fights.


Reg Mcpawulo, 27 years old, became British Super Heavy weight Champion when he won the gold medal in the Super Heavy weight category. 


28 years old Piotr Kukulski was unluckly when he loss on a split decision in the final of the Heavy weight category and won the silver medal.


In the Middle weight category Demetrious Anastasiou , 24 year old, was unlucky to be drawn against his club mate and eventual gold metal winner Leon Jackson in the semi final. However Demetrious still came away with the Bronze medal in the category.


Tottenham Jujitsu Club Members grab a Haul of 7 Medal at an International Jujitsu Competition


On Saturday the 9th May 2009 Tottenham Jujitsu Club entered a quad of 8 members into the  Kokoro Kai Ju Jitsu Association  International competition in Southend Essex. The competition attracted competitors from as far a filed as the Belgium, Denmark, Northern Ireland, Italy,  USA and all corners of the UK.


The event was very competitive and Tottenham Jujitsu Club members were seeking to see if they could improve on their performance in the same event last year, where they won a haul of 4 medals. The club members put in good performance and almost double the number of medals won last year.   The following club members won medals.


27 year old Reginal Mpawulo, a green belt, won a gold medal in the super heavyweight category after battling through a category that had 16 competitors and a bronze medal in the Super heavyweight ground fighting event. Reginal was beaten in the semi final of this event by his club mate and eventual Gold medallist Trevor Campbell.


In the super heavyweight ground fighting event 30 year old Trevor Campbell, a blue belt, fighting in his first Jujitsu competition won the gold medal in a category that had 16 competitors.


 25 year old Leon Jackson, a blue belt, won gold in the middle weight ground fighting event after battling through a category that had 30 competitors.


24 year old green belt, Demetrious Anastasiou won a bronze medal in the middle weight ground fighting event. Demetrious was beaten in the semi final by his club mate and gold medal winner Leon Jackson.


The heavy weight sparring event 28 year old Piotr Kukulski, a green belt, won a bronze medal after fighting in a category that had 20 competitors


In the heavy weight ground fighting event 27 year old Daniel Krokou, a green belt, won a bronze medal after battling through a category that had 20 competitors.


Club members 13 year old Thomas Jackson and 25 year old James Groom entered the competition and were both beaten in the quarter finals.   




Tottenham Jujitsu Club Now Has A British Champion
In June 2008 club Member Leon Jackson won the British Middle weight title
Also his club mates Piotr Kukulski and Demetrious Anatatsors both won  bronze medals in the British Middle weight championship. 
Club Members LeonJackson, Thomas Jackson and Joe Texixeira all won medals at the June 2008 Southend  International Jujitsu competions against competitors from Spain, Italy , Belgium Ireland and the UK. Joe won medals in both ground fighting and sparring.


Thomas Jackson, Leon Jackson and Joe Teixeira dispalying medals won at the Southend International competition.


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