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History of Ju Jitsu.

Before the advent of modern weapons, man needed a means of survival against his enemies. He taught himself to run, jump, throw, punch and kick. In this way prehistoric man developed techniques that are employed in Jujitsu, Aikido, Karate, Wresling and Sumo 
Ju Jitsu was systematised in Japan at the end of the 16th century and its development continued until the end of the 19th century.
In the late 1800s Japan's feudal system collapsed. Old cultural and social systems  disappeared and were replaced by new systems and cultures from foreign coutries.
 At that time , the Samurai and the practice of Jujitsu largely disappeared from Japanese culture, however a few people still continued study it underground. 
In 1883 , with society changing the Tokyo police department employed Jujitsu masters to teach policemen and this brought about a renaissance of the art.
Almost all of the martial arts practised today have their roots in Ju Jitsu. The Ninja incorporates Ju Jitsu into their training methods. The founders of Akido and Shorinji Kempo were both Ju Jitsu masters and one of the founders of the four major schools of Karate was founded by a JuJitsu master and of course Jigarano Kano, the founder of Judo, was a Jujitsu master.

The ancient history of Sumo and Ju Jitsu are closely linked and it is impossible to know which came first.
Modern Jujitsu
With the increasing crime rate in society today people are again looking for a means of self defence that will give them adequate exercise as well.  As a consequence,  today we are seeing the popularity of Jujitsu increasing.

Today a student will practise Ju Jujitsu and maybe Karate as if they were two seperate arts, but historically they were inseperable.
Indeed Jujitsu was the art of the Samarai and he would have been skilled in all forms of unarmed combat, incase he lost his sword during battle.
 Next Beginners Jujitsu Course in London
Our next beginners course in Jujitsu is starting on Wednesday 10th January 2018. Men and Women of all ages welcome.